Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the importance of cooperation and competition/social trust/volunteer spirit.


點評:題目也可以會出得很具體,比如談論:whether one should expect a reward after doing a good deed(一個人做了好事要不要求回報),should We Help the Old People Up from a Fall(要不要在老年人摔倒的時候扶起他們),should College Students be Ideal or Realistic(大學生應該理想主義還是現實主義)



Cooperation is of utmost importance in our study and life. With the development of economy and society, people in mounting numbers lay great emphasis on teamwork. This spirit obviously exerted a huge impact on our society.

Considering the significance of the situation, I feel responsible for discussing it further. To begin with, schools nowadays tend to pay special attention to the students’ academic scores rather than their morality or spirit. However, this spirit could be regarded as a traditional Chinese virtue that could be handed down from generation to generation. Furthermore, cooperation is truly the fundamental attribute of top performers, which separates the high achievers from the rest of the pack. For example, honored for his success in basketball, Yao Ming is always remembered for his ability of teamwork, which shines through every page of his life.

To sum up, one should attach great importance to teamwork in today’s society. The time is right for us to take full advantage of ample existing opportunities. We should do our utmost to promote and advocate this spirit. Only in this way can our society become a better place for us to live in.



獨立:independence (adj. independent);

堅持:persistence (adj. persistent);

勤奮:diligence (adj. diligent);

信心:confidence (adj. confident);

合作:cooperation (=teamwork =collaboration);

樂觀:optimism (adj. optimistic)

誠信:honesty/trust (adj. honest)

節約:thrifty/plain livingadj. thrift


志愿者精神:volunteer spirit

社會責任:social responsibility




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “Our Sense of Happiness/Money/Struggle”.





In recently years, as China is marked by rapid economic growth and continuous technological innovation, people’s living standard has been very much improved. Therefore, they are more concerned about how to enhance their sense of happiness.

Indeed, there is much controversy over the definition of happiness, which should be discussed beforehand. Some people believe earning a huge amount of money is happiness, because they can buy whatever they want. They can buy an expensive car and a luxurious house. Others believe that happiness does not lie in the mere possession of money. It lies in the joy of achievement. If one gets a nice grade in the exam, he will feel the happiness. As far as I am concerned, happiness lies in contentment.

To sum up, everyone should pursue his or her own happiness. The time is right for us to take full advantage of ample existing opportunities. Happiness does not lie in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievements. Only in this way can our society become a better place for us to live in.



克服困難:overcome/surmount difficulty

對待失?。?/span>deal with/cope with failure

樂觀態度:have a positive attitude

不勞無獲:No pains, no gains.

抵制誘惑:resist temptation




Directions: Write a letter to the president of your university, suggesting how to improve students’ physical and mental condition/the canteen service on campus (food safety)/the service in the library.





Dear Mr. James,

I am one of the senior students in our university. I have recently found that many students are in poor health condition. I am writing this letter for the purpose of providing you some suggestions concerning the ways to improve our physical conditions.

To begin with, with the quickening pace of urban life and ever-increasing pressure, people in growing numbers are suffering from either the physical or mental problems. Also, mounting peer pressure and confusion over changing social values may also climb onto youngsters’ already overburdened shoulders. Doing exercise can help us relax and unwind. The fundamental way in which the school advocates a healthy lifestyle is to encourage students to do more exercise. Furthermore, we should have the right attitude towards life. We should bear in mind that health always comes first. The mass media should also join in the efforts in educating the students.

I sincerely hope that we can have a better life in physical and mental health. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Frank Chen



Physical health 身體健康

Mental/Physiological health 心理健康

dorm/dormitory 寢室

canteen 食堂

food safety 食品安全

campus security 校園安全

reduce waste 減少浪費




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “Internet and Privacy”/”Internet and Potential Risks”/”Internet and the Chinese tradition”.





The Internet has penetrated every aspect of daily life and exerted a huge impact on our life. For example, Microblogs and Wechat are two forms of new media. Various people, regardless of their age, gender or background, are involving in creating their own microblogs and using Wechat.

Opinions vary greatly when it comes to whether these new technology is a boon or a bane. Time and again, science and technology has created wonders and even miracles, thus fortifying our belief in it. Technological innovation really brings us much convenience, exerting a huge impact on our traditional cultures. However, there is a growing concern about the potential drawbacks the Internet, especially in terms of personal security. For example, WeChat may expose one’s location to strangers by positioning function, cheat one’s friends by faking identity, and lose one’s money in the electronic wallet.

Owing to the accelerated pace of contemporary life, people’s work and life are increasingly confined to a narrow space. However, in face of new technology, we should be prudent. On the macro level, the government and authority should make relevant policies and measures. On the micro level, we should learn to make rational use of the Internet and protect our own information.



privacy? 隱私

information leakage? 信息泄露

online transaction 在線交易

positioning function 定位功能

electronic wallet 電子錢包

fake ones identity 偽造身份

prudent 謹慎的




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “On a Harmonious Dormitory Life”.


點評:這類題目??嫉?,在提供幾個類似題目以供參考“Attend Your Classes Regularly”(經常去上課),Students Rating of Their Teachers”(學生給教師評分),the importance of Discussion on class”(課堂討論的重要性), how to maintain friendship”(如何保持友誼)



Campus life tends to be colorful and interesting, and one can live to the fullest every day. However, personal relationship sometimes exerts a huge impact on our life on campus, especially that with roommates. Consequently, it is generally accepted that the harmony in dormitory plays an essential role.

There are several reasons accounting for the importance of maintaining a good friendship with roommates. To begin with, a good roommate can help you in many ways. For example, I sometimes forget to take the key to the room with me, and my roommate Gao Wei always kindly offers his help. Before the exam, we usually study together and discuss some challenging questions. Furthermore, with a harmonious atmosphere in the dorm, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. We can encourage each other and enjoy being together.

To create and maintain a harmonious dormitory life, there are several approaches. The most important one, from my point of view, is that we have to be tolerant to each other. Everyone has different backgrounds and we should show our respect to others.




Direction: You are supposed to write for the Postgraduates’ Association a notice to recruit volunteers for an international conference on globalization. The notice should include the basic qualification for applicants and other information which you think is relevant.

Do not sign your own name at the end of the notice. Use “Postgraduates’ Association” instead.


點評:這類題型被稱為偷襲題型,實際上可以總結成兩方面的文章:1. 通知;2. 應聘。應用文是四級經常偷襲的題型,但是素材對于六級的同學也至關重要。



Volunteers Needed

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? January 9, 2017

To improve students’ ability and enrich after-class activities, the Postgraduate Association in recruiting volunteers for an international conference on globalization to be held on December 9, 2017 in Beijing.

The potential candidate should meet the following criteria. To begin with, applicants should have Chinese nationality, a strong professional spirit, cheerful personality and be aged under 35. In addition, candidates must have outstanding skills at English listening. Finally, students with relevant professional experience are preferred.

Those graduate students who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitors of their classes before February 1, 2010. Everybody is welcome to join in it.

? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Postgraduate Association



慈善活動 charity

二手市場 secondhand/flea market(跳蚤市場)

面試 job interview




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic of “Idol Worship/Internet Celebrity/over packaging”.





Idol worship has become one of the most important representatives of popular culture in China. The past several years have seen the idol worshipping craze. Fans crazily pursue their idols in drama, movies, or live music concert. As a result, this phenomenon becomes increasingly evident and eye-catching, which definitely plays a role in students’ growth.

There are several reasons behind this trend. The primary factor lies in education system. Nowadays, school pay much attention to students’ studies and exams, but overlooks their psychological statue. Therefore, students have to look for their role model in real life. Secondly, it is the mass media that should be blamed. Pop singers and all the other entertainers always present their glamorous appearance and personality that young people desire to have. However, young people are just not mature enough to tell fact from fiction.

There is much controversy over whether this tendency is a boon or a bane. As far as I am concerned, it is just like a double edged sword. Excessive worshipping could only lead to undesirable consequences. One should pay much more attention to his study and work.



idol worship? 偶像崇拜

excessive packaging? 過度包裝

TV commercial 電視廣告

celebrity endorsement明星代言

Internet celebrity 網紅

brand reputation 品牌聲譽

image building 建立形象

pirated products盜版商品

fake commodity 偽劣商品

protect the wildlife 保護野生動物

reserve water resource 保護水資源

aging/ageing population 老齡化人口

one-child policy/birth control 計劃生育




Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “the advantages and disadvantages of recreational activities/selective courses/taking a part-time job/liberal art or science/computer games”.





The recreational activity is of utmost importance for one’s life. We can experience a great many recreational activities on campus. For example, I once joined a tennis club and enjoyed my life there.

There are several aspects concerning recreational activities. On the one hand, nowadays, college life tends to be very stressful. Recreational activities can relax our minds and release our pressure. Also, a student can widen his circle of friends through these activities. One can find friends with the common interest. Besides, recreational activities can also broaden our horizons and make us wise. However, there are drawbacks. Recreational activities may interfere with our study. Therefore, students cannot concentrate on their learning and may even fail in the exams.

To sum up, the recreational activity is just like a double-edged sword. We might bear in mind that it can exert both positive and negative influences on our society. However, we can avoid those undesirable effects, when making full use of it.



liberal arts/humanity? 文科

science 理科

main/compulsory courses 必修課

selective courses 選修課

modernization? 現代化

globalization?? 全球化

urbanization?? 城市化

enrich ones life 豐富生活

broaden ones mind 擴展思維

expand ones range of knowledge 擴展知識面

release ones pressure 釋放壓力

relax ones mind 放松心情

widen ones circle of friends 拓展朋友圈

increase ones contentment 增加滿足感

lessen ones pain 減緩疼痛

help people to relax and unwind 幫助人放松

savor a wide range of experiences 品嘗一系列經歷






The very contributory factors lie in the educational system. Nowadays in China, college students are encouraged to study extremely hard, competing for high grades and decent jobs. Consequently, they have been “locked up” in the university for a long time, which leads to their curiosity to see the outside world and the urge to get rid of the stress. Moreover, this situation could be seen as the results of the social impact. With the availability of the internet and widespread of the interactive forum, students are more likely to obtain information about tourism.



Many employers do require job applicants to have a degree related to the job. College students could improve their career prospects by receiving further education, whether for a master or a doctoral degree. One has to have additional education to get an edge. Education is indeed a worthwhile investment in the future.



To begin with, as the job market is getting gloomy and competition is becoming fierce, college students should be well equipped with practical experience while still in college. Their summer and winter holidays should be used to gain valuable work experience. Moreover, the expectations of employment play an important part. A large number of graduates tend to give first priority to earnings and aim for well-paid positions in foreign companies or big banks.



First of all, we are suffering greatly from the environmental destruction, which becomes increasingly severe. If there are less and less trees, then nothing can prevent the sand storm and dust storm. Secondly, the environment is the place in which we live. Environmental protection is caring about ourselves and ensuring environmental sustainability for future generation.



This movie series tell a story of adventure about Harry potter and his friends fighting against the Dark Lord. The meaning of movies, as far as I am concerned, is to tell us that love is powerful. Harry Potter is invincible because his mother Lily tried to save him by sacrificing her own life. In addition, the movies are really exciting and cliff-hanging. The plots are well-designed, capturing my attention all along. I still remember how I watch the movies. I stayed in my house the whole day without eating anything. The story of Harry Potter is magical but logical.



There exist some misunderstandings between parents and their children. The young are more educated and more influenced by western civilization. They believe in spending money rather than saving it. They are not so dependent on their parents. They are more self-centered and do not blindly follow their parents’ ideas. They tend to have their own philosophy of life. However, everyone still has the duty to take care of our parents, especially when they are old and sick. Also an increasing aging population will have enormous consequences for any society.



The Internet could exert a huge impact on our traditional cultures. Over the course of thousands of years, the Chinese people have created their own unique customs and traditions, and passed them on from one generation to the next. However, a growing number of people become increasingly concerned that China’s cultural heritage could become marginalized or even disappear entirely. The Internet has brought more and more western cultures to China and children are more likely to be exposed in the western cultures. There is a danger that age-old customs and traditions may become lost in the shadows of modernization.



On the Lantern Festival, people usually eat sweet dumpling as the traditional food for the day. Shaping like a pyramid, it is made with sticky rice flour and filled with sweet stuffing. After dinner, people will go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon and watch a parade of lion dancing. Lantern riddle gathering is held. All kinds of lanterns have a riddle on each of them. People who guess them right can get a small gift. The lantern festival will bring us peace, prosperity and good luck for the New Year.